What is eROC? eROC and NFPA We'll take care of the hassle


At NFPAS, we have been running ROC auctions for over 8 years now. Our track record provides evidence of our success, and gives you the assurance that we can sell your ROCs with the minimum of hassle, whilst delivering highly competitive returns.

We run the auctions on-line because that is the easiest way to provide access to the widest possible audience all at the same time – but you don’t have to surf the web, or even click a mouse to take part. Just give us a call to set up an agreement to sell your ROCs, and we’ll do the rest. Your ROCs must be registered for sale at least 3 days before an auction is due to start.

We make the bidding process as easy as possible for buyers once they have registered with e-ROC – making our on-line auctions a very popular source for purchasing ROCs.

Having sold sold over 8 million ROCs, the lowest average price we have obtained for a ROC on-line auction was £38.42(excluding co-fired ROCs). And with fees set at only 50p per ROC (subject to a minimum fee of £50), your return promises to be healthy.

Please note, past prices are no guarantee of future prices.