What is eROC? eROC and NFPA We'll take care of the hassle


e-ROC auctions are run every month - 12 times a year.

  • Before each auction, NFPAS write to licensed electricity suppliers, inviting them to register to participate in the auction.
  • Registered suppliers are given a username and security password to gain entry to the auction via the e-ROC website.
  • Registered suppliers can view the lots on offer, then on the day of the auction, they log on to the e-ROC website and formally make a bid for individual lots, or groups of lots, on a price per ROC basis.

  • Lots are awarded to the supplier who submits the highest bid, which is not bettered after a period of 30 minutes. Successful bidders are then notified via email.

Bidding takes place over a secure internet service. During the auction, all participants are able to see current highest bids, and final bid prices, though all participants are anonymous.

Extract from the e-ROC auction listing